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As always, home remodeling in Corpus Christi, TX, is perfect. Yes, home trends come and go, but new trends arise that impact the market every so often. And let’s be honest, if you're thinking of remodeling or starting on a new project, you want to stay with the current trends.

Let’s explore some current trends:

Minimalist Trend

The idea of ​​minimalism is to create a home with the minimum of possible objects and get all the elements to match, using neutral colors. However, you can use more vivid colors, as long as you use them on carpets, rugs, or other decors as pops of color.

The minimalist concept emerged in the '60s in New York, but its origins are born in Europe with the idea of ​​"less is more" by the architect Mies Van Der Rohe. This style is very different from the previous ones, as it seeks to reduce the number of things without exaggerating. It is using colors and objects that reflect balance and harmony in homes.

In the '70s, minimalism had a boom in decoration, painting, fashion, and music, contrasting with the ornate styles that existed at that time, such as Pop Art.

The colors used are soft ones, combining them with wood, glass, and steel. A primary color used is white or black, with subtle touches of paint on the walls to inspire harmony and relaxation.

Vintage Trend

The vintage concept comes from the French word Vingt (twenty) and age (years), which refers to objects from the '20s. The vintage style adopts the classic forms; that is why the most common vintage furniture is wood and wrought iron, as they must represent the traditional style.

As for the decoration of the furniture, you can cover the armchairs or sofas with modern fabrics. You can also use your old belongings – radios, telephones, or televisions – as interior decoration and give it an authentic vintage style without spending so much.

Pastel colors characterize this style. White is perfect to combine with any pastel tone, and they achieve a warm atmosphere in your home. Other essential elements are paintings, prints, coffee tables, antique vases, wooden trunks, clocks, teapots, or classic figures.

Retro Trend

The meaning of the word retro derives from Latin, which means backward or, in times past. The retro style is based on decorating with objects reinvented in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. It is an eclectic mix of rich colors and vintage designs.

People often confuse the retro style with the vintage, but they’re very different. The vintage style is made up of original things, such as a sewing machine made in the '50s. The retro-style are things that are currently manufactured. For example, a sewing machine trying to imitate the style of the 50s is retro.

Generally, the most used colors for a retro decoration are combinations of orange, various yellows, and reds. Another touch that highlights this style is the geometric designs used in upholstery or carpets to give an illusion of movement.

The materials that stand out are aluminum, acrylic, and polypropylene, used in the '50s. However, the highlight to achieve a retro style is glass and crystal, which we can use in vases or centerpieces with bright colors.

Pop Art Trend

It is an artistic tendency that emerged in the '50s in England and the United States. During the Renaissance and Baroque times, wealthy people had their children, wives, or pets painted into portraits for the home. After a while, portraits were replaced by advertising for comics, characters, and trademarks, such as Coca-Cola, Campbell's soup cans, or Marilyn Monroe's picture.

The pop design is characterized by using prominent colors such as orange, yellow, green, red, blue, or purple for walls, furniture, or decorative objects. The flowery or curved patterns can also go on the walls or on upholstery.

The ideal is to combine this type of furniture to create variations of tone. Another characteristic element of this style is the plastic or acrylic material used for everything from furniture to figures.

When decorating with this style, you should choose beautiful pictures and furniture to contrast with a neutral color for the walls.

Remodel With Us

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