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At Torobilt Corporation, LLC, our team of experienced contractors has worked hard to develop a reputation as the leader in home additions Corpus Christi TX. Our company's dedicated CEO Art Ramirez has built an impressive team of contractors that excel in a wide range of areas. Our home additions range of services is one of our most popular ones. A home addition can provide vital additional space. It is a great way to get a larger home without having to move. Home additions also increase a home's property value. Our team takes great pride in helping our customers to realize the visions that they have for their homes and their home additions. Providing a memorable customer experience is always at the top of our list of priorities.

Our Range of Home Additions Services Are Meant to Address Your Needs

Our range of expert home additions services is designed to ensure that we can fulfill the contracting needs that our customers come to us with. Our range of service options for home additions Corpus Christi TX include:

Additions Within an Existing Space

One of the most common home addition types that we do here at Torobilt Corporation, LLC are those that are built within the existing space of the home. This is a great way to change the dynamic of the home's interior and add valuable space to key areas. It is a great option for adding to spaces such as dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, among others, and is one of the most popular options that our customers choose.

Large & Open Home Addition With Windows

Add-On Home Additions

Another popular home additions option that our customers often choose is an add-on. This home additions option involves adding onto the side of the home. An add-on addition can be used as a way to expand an existing room in the house but it can also be used as a method to create completely new rooms of any variety that a homeowner wants.

Space Conversions


Our team of home additions experts at Torobilt Corporation, LLC can also convert existing spaces into rooms for other uses. This can include transforming an unused garage space into something else such as an office, a game room, or any of a long list of other possibilities.

These are a few of the key ways that our team of professional contractors can provide expert home additions services. If you have any questions about other possibilities, you should always feel free to ask about additional service options.

We Also Offer Services in These Contracting Areas

We also offer some other great contracting services here at Torobilt Corporation, LLC. Our service range includes remodeling services for bathrooms and kitchens and we also offer restoration services for fire and water damage, as well as building outdoor living spaces.

Why Us

Our commitment to excellent service is the reason why you should choose our team here at Torobilt Corporation, LLC. Our certified contractors take great pride in delivering on all expectations that are presented to us. We work alongside you so that your vision for your home is fully realized. You can count on us to never cut any corners and to use only the highest quality building materials. At the same time, a big part of our customer service commitment includes providing you with a fair and competitive price for the work that is performed.

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Room Addition Construction with Pitched Ceiling

We are excited about the opportunity to hear from you today about how we can provide you with home additions Corpus Christi TX. Let us show you the dramatic difference that comes from hiring our team of professionals here at Torobilt Corporation, LLC. You can call us at (361) 444-4424 or leave us a message through our website and we will get back with you shortly. Our entire team is excited about the opportunity to help you realize your vision for home additions at your property.